Your Guide to Good Eats.

We truly select – that means regular secret shopping, health department reviews and our own internal review of relevancy, experience and viability. We have been providing this service since 2000, and our average restaurant has participated with us for over eight years, and 10 have been with us since 2000. Over 60% have been awarded “Best Restaurant” in their specialty by local magazines and customer polls. With only 32 clients, we have the means and time to educate the front line of hospitality about each restaurant. Because there are no concierges in Charlottesville, we are in a trusted position with our hotel partners to do the research and provide visitors with exemplary locally-owned dining options. These mini menus are so popular that some clients use them internally as a business card or gift certificate accompaniment. Also, the menus are routinely used by brides in their wedding welcome bags for guests.