A lucrative target market for our clients:

The following is an overview of the greater Charlottesville Region, where City Select provides brochure/menu distribution, Discover Charlottesville in-room books, publishes several visitor guides, and our front desk Regional Map. This area served includes Charlottesville and the counties of Albemarle, Greene, Louisa, Fluvanna, Nelson and Orange.

The lodging we serve in this region includes: hotels, inns, bed & breakfasts, cabins, timeshares, campgrounds, cabins, commercial private home rentals, and many rental properties like Vrbo and Airbnb.

Size and Impact of Overnight Lodging:

How we market to 2,451,632 people.

6,050Lodging rooms in Charlottesville-metro area
X 69.4%2019 average occupancy (STR / VA State reports)
4,198Avg. number of rooms occupied per day
X 1.6Avg. number of persons per room (State/Nation Avg.)
6,716Avg. Number of Visitors spending each night in area lodging
X 365Days in a year
2,451,632*Estimated number of visitors using commercial lodging in 2019
*This figure represents 15 times the local population of Charlottesville/Albemarle Co.

Visitors to the area can be categorized by the 5 types:

Historic and Gardens. A traditional visitor segment, consistent but flat growth.

UVA Related. Academic, Sports, Medical.  Wide variety of visitors from parents reviewing schools to football games and hundreds of thousands here for medical reasons. 

Business. Military, UVA, business conferences, and other Non-Leisure travel.  Typically 20-25% of visitors, many here for weeks of training, use lodging in this area due to its central VA location.

Wedding Guests.  Weddings and their guests are the fasted growing segment to our visitor profile.  Important segment due to flex time and desire to check out the area.

Lifestyle Leisure. Wine, Breweries, Music, Restaurants. Traditional weekend visitor and arrives by car 95% of the time.  The area’s strongest return visitor prospect.

Survey of Lodging General Managers:

In August 2020, area hotel general managers provided insights about how their guests use and receive local information in their rooms, front desk, and lobby via online tabulated industry survey.

Discover Charlottesville: Effectiveness

Discover Charlottesville, by contract and unanimous brand approval, remains the only local publication found in all area hotels and most other lodging facilities in our target market area. 97% of all area lodging rooms have Discover Charlottesville visible as guests enter their room. How do General Mangers themselves feel about the effectiveness of this resource?

Q: How would you rate Discover Charlottesville, your hotels in room book, in the following categories?
(1 = Not Effective, 10 =Very Effective)

On a scale of 1 -10, all questions rated between 9 and the maximum 10.  Hotels liked Discover Charlottesville due to its compatibility and upscale presentation; guest read it due to its content and curated information.

Discover Charlottesville: Readership

City Select understands that location and placement in the room is vital for readership.  We work perpetually with lodging to locate Discover Charlottesville so that when guests open their door and enter the room, Discover Charlottesville is there to guide them on their visitation adventure.

A 2015 University of Kentucky Business School Study said that 72% of Lexington, KY lodging guests opened and reviewed the Lexington in-room book if it were presented to the guest visibly and had an attractive appearance.  The Charlottesville survey asked area GM’s to consult with their housekeeping staff and estimate how often books are moved from their designated spot in the room as an indicator of use.

Q: What % of your guests do you estimate open and look at Discover Charlottesville during their stay on your property?

Using both the UK Study and the recent GM survey, it is possible to accurately estimate what is the annual readership by visitors of Discover Charlottesville.

Based on 2.4 Million visitors who spend at least one night in area lodging, using the validated open rate studies of 67% translates to an annual visitor readership of 1.6 Million.  This readership translates to more readers than all other local visitor publications – combined.

This high readership factor is expected due to the convenience, high quality, brand approved premium book located right where guests have the opportunity and means to spend a few moments and explore.

Relevance of Visitor Information Sources in the Lobby:

In commercial lodging, there are 3 points of contact where visitors can learn about local places: their room, the front lobby, and at the front desk. 

Being the only in-room publication approved by all major lodging brands and in over 6,000 rooms, Discover Charlottesville is THE in-room visitor resource.

That leaves the front lobby and front desk as the remaining points of contact for local information to be disseminated to the visitor.

Due to hotel brand standards, what is on and available at the front desk is very limited and in all cases only hotel branded information is on the front desk.  The current trend in lodging today is smaller, more person-to-person check-in architecture.  This minimalist trend severely limits storage and visitor resource opportunities.  In most cases, space only allows for one resource and typically that is a regional map where guests can ask and staff can share their local insight with their guests. 

Similar to branded front desk standards, hotel brands have adopted a sleek and uncluttered approach to their lobbies.  Wire racks, counter tops, tables and acrylic brochure holders – all not approved in today’s branded lobby standards. 

Since 2000, City Select has had a permanent brochure and menu display in all area lodging lobbies.  Sometimes located by the elevator, many times near the front desk – but always there, visible and available to guests 24/7. 

What do hotels themselves say about information and relevancy? General Managers shared their opinions about publications found in area lodging lobbies:

City Select products are by far the highest-rated and valued industry publications.