Your Guide to Craft Heaven.

As Long-time lovers of everything Charlottesville, we are especially proud of the beverage industry and all it has to offer from the palatial family-owned estates to the rustic farms that house the smaller independent producers. The 2024 edition of the Craft Beverages of the Blue Ridge (CBBR) is a detailed guide to all the excellent craft beverage producers in the Charlottesville region and includes a beautiful, comprehensive map.

Our companion website,, provides visitors with detailed information on all craft beverage producers as well as area wineries, accommodations, restaurants, and more.

History of CBBR

In the fall of 2014 as Craft Breweries of the Blue Ridge, and was designed specifically to provide area craft breweries a means to market themselves as destinations. The goal was to increase traffic to all area breweries and give guests a guide that was worthy of repeat use.

City Select printed 40,000 brochures and they flew out of displays in about seven months. The second edition production run increased in size by 70%, and the layout went from a “pamphlet” to a “booklet” that included more clients and information about local Visitor Centers. These brochures are available in custom-created CBBR displays located at every brewery in the area, most wineries as a cross-promotion, over 70 hotels, and visitor sites, Visitor Centers, as well as specialty beverage retailers.

In December 2016, the Map & Guide had been renamed to Craft Beverages of the Blue Ridge to incorporate the growing number of cideries, distilleries, and other craft beverage producers.