Hospitality on Display: James Monroe’s Highland

James Monroe's Highland
James Monroe’s Highland
Highland Display
Highland Display

Many times a visitor will go to a destination first, and then plan on exploring the community. One such busy destination is Highland, the home of James Monroe. Highland is an historic site and event venue, continuing Monroe’s tradition of welcoming friends, neighbors, dignitaries and visitors from around the globe. Each year, tens of thousands of visitors come to Highland to explore history, attend events and learn more about one of our Founding Fathers.
A few years ago, Highland wanted to highlight the great restaurants, attractions and visitor hot-spots in the area. Like most public facilities, this establishment is very particular about appearance. The goal is to host visitors at the historic home and gardens, not promote various outside organizations via a table, ugly wire racks or acrylic holders filled with unmanaged collateral.

They asked us to create a unique outdoor display for their covered entrance walkway that would prominently display menus, brochures and guides.

We crafted this display in a custom color that matched their historical exterior. Menus and brochures are professionally displayed as part of a larger presentation of the community.
We created each of our 70+ display locations to meet the aesthetic needs of our host properties. And we have earned premium, traffic-oriented locations to ensure that we always promote you and your message in the most favorable circumstances.

Professional and reliably replenished displays, and we keep the front desk staff informed about you and your organization. We have you covered!